Dining at Norwood Mountain Lodge

Delicious breakfasts, dinner too

The guest house has a well equipped kitchen serving the spacious restaurant with delicious breakfasts to prepare our guests for spending their days exploring the surrounding attractions. From Thursday to Sunday, or by special arrangement, the restaurant is open for dinner as well, serving a selection of Nepalese dishes.

Authentic Nepali cuisine

Nepal has a wide range of cuisines influenced by the many different ethnic groups that live in the country. The one common dish, that is the staple of most Nepalis, is “Dal Bhat”, literally lentils and rice, accompanied by a curry dish, usually vetetable . A typical nepali will eat this twice a day for most of their life. Meat is eaten by most Nepalis but for economic reasons it is treated more as a luxury and cooked on special occasions.

Our base Camp Café Nepalese Restaurant serves the only authentic Nepali cuisine in the Blue Mountains and is open for dinner four nights a week, Thursday to Sunday, or by special arrangement at other times. We can cater for larger groups, up to forty people, and can offer banquets or buffet style meals.

We have based our dinner menu around dal bhat but, because we want you to enjoy a special feast, we serve a range of different meat and fish curries as well as curried vegetables.

Download the menu here.